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The MUSCLE Method is the single most effective IPO investing strategy you’ll ever need.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie and not sure where to start, or a seasoned IPO buyer. The MUSCLE method is the process used by the IPO investing pros. Check out the MUSCLE Method section on our site to learn how to apply it to your own portfolio.

IPO Pro was built with the MUSCLE Method in mind. See for yourself with an example of using the MUSCLE Method on IPO Pro.

Below is an overview of the MUSCLE Method. These are the six steps you need to take to analyze any deal, and it’s really important to go through these steps in order.

Save time with the MUSCLE Method, invest confidently.

Six-Step MUSCLE Method
  1. M - IPO Market
  2. U - Underwriter
  3. S - Strength of Industry
  4. C - Core Fundamentals
  5. L - Legal Docs - IPO Prospectus (S-1)
  6. E - Early Trading
MUSCLE Method road map

We have a whole section dedicated to the MUSCLE Method!

This section will take you through the MUSCLE Method from start to finish, so let’s begin with M, analyzing the IPO Market.